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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Imagine owning a business that develops our most important people – children. A business that doesn’t wear you down each day, but a fun business that re-energizes you. A business that your students come back to you years later and thank you for the positive impact you had on their lives.

If you would like to own a business committed to developing children, consider owning the Helen O’Grady Children’s Drama franchise.

To become a Helen O’Grady Children’s Drama franchise owner, you do NOT have to be a drama teacher, actor or actress. In fact, you may not have ever participated in a school play.

That’s OK with us.

What you DO need to have is a passion for developing children, a high energy level and a strong desire to be successful. We will Consider those with teaching experience, or with business experience in sales, marketing or management.

Our franchise opportunity offers incredible personal freedom and potential. Take control of your life, Be part of an international children’s education network. Consider the following additional benefits:

Key Business Benefits

Proprietary Curriculum
Our Drama curriculum has been developed and proven over the past 20 years. Based on its long-term use throughout the world, enhancements and refinements have already been built in and improvements continue to be made to ensure that this program remains exciting and fun to students, while teaching them important communication improvement and confidence building skills.

Excellent training and support
Extensive training, marketing assistance, ongoing support, regular seminars, newsletters, and internet connections are but a few of the ways we work with you toward your success.

Low overhead
The program is delivered before or after school, at various school locations and community centres throughout your territory; getting your teachers close to the customers. There is no need for a high-rent office location with all the related expenses, complications and contractual agreements. Owners can utilize a home office, saving significant time, energy and dollars. At Helen O’Grady Children’s Drama Academy, keeping it simple is part of its charm, its success and its attractiveness to potential business owners.

Don’t be a workaholic
While strong effort is important for success in any job, as a franchise owner, your business will be seasonal in nature, corresponding to the school year calendar in your exclusive territory. School Holiday programmes are an included option if you would like the additional opportunity in this hot market. Therefore, school holiday periods and summer breaks – when you are not offering a camp program – become your time. Because of this, hours of work throughout the year are considerably less than other comparable business opportunities.

If you live in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Macau, Vietnam and Indonesia, Business Opportunities are still available.

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